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 United in Christ

The concept of the Trinity, one God, three in one, one in three, can be a little hard, sometimes to get ahold of.  But perhaps what scripture's witness to the Trinity boils down to is this; Jesus is in constant communication, continual, active relationship with the Father.  The Father is in constant communication, continual, active relationship with the Son.  And the Spirit is in and with and between both, always its own presence, but always, nonetheless, one in active relationship, one in ceaseless communication, with both the Father and the Son.  Jesus prays that we may be "one" in the same fashion.


Conflict happens in the body of Christ all the time.  Sometimes it is over matters of great significance; how we read scripture, how we are to conduct our lives, how the church is to think and act as it comes head-to-head with the constant pull and tug of the culture within and around it.  Sometimes the conflict is personal.  We resist the neighbor, and worse, out of hurt, anger, and anxiety.  Sometimes the conflict can seem to be over a matter of pure nonsense; which way pickles should be sliced, and why they should be sliced that way.

Where and how, then, is our hope of being "one," as our Lord has so prayed?

It is in this; whatever our conflict, we belong to one another.  Whatever our conflict, we are called to work at staying in active relationship, honest communication.  We are not one, finally, when the issues between us wane, or cease.  We are one because the Lord of life holds us together in the promise of his love even when powerful forces, at one and the same time, pull us apart.  We are one because the body and blood of Christ have been given to each of us, and all of us.

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